Josey Construction Co.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry in the United States and Canada, owner and project man- 

ager Colin Josey brings a broad range of skills to new home and remodeling projects. Josey Construction projects have 

included: full home remodeling, full kitchen and bath remodels, bedroom, bath and studio additions, tile and flooring, 

interior and exterior painting, and concrete and exterior work. While also successfully established in the heavy con- 

struction industry, Josey has always valued the type of job satisfaction and client interaction that comes with the direct 

client contact in individual and unique home projects. In his firms, Josey Construction in Texas and KalGar Construction 

in Nova Scotia, he has applied his knowledge and management skills to satisfy clients in all phases of home remodeling 

and building, and has found the job he loves best. 

While there are many remodeling contractors providing homeowners with varying levels of service, Josey Construction 

sets itself to a high standard of work ethics and principles. After years of monitoring job quality, schedules, production 

costs and budgets in very large scale construction projects, Josey has a unique level of expertise in managing people 

and time lines. In addition, as a Master Carpenter he is a skilled craftsman with the ability to assess and direct the 

workmanship of the tradespeople he employs. Though the practice is not common in the industry, Josey Construction 

employs a consistent group of sub-contractors throughout its projects. As Colin Josey explains, “I select and use a con- 

sistent group of sub-contractors because they know what I expect in the standards of workmanship, the importance of 

the job schedule, the ability to interact with the individual clients, and the appreciation of the uniqueness of each job. 

It is vital to have this harmony among the various trades.” 

Staring in the 1980s with a carpentry certificate of journeyman from the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, Josey 

progressed from commercial and residential building with Snooks Construction in Canada to his own home and 

remodeling business in Nova Scotia, KalGar Construction. KalGar’s primary focus was new residential and also com- 

mercial projects, where Josey handled all aspects of general contracting for his business. By the mid-90s, he moved to 

large scale highway, airport and railway station projects with firms in the Dallas Fort Worth area. As Structures Foreman 

at Granite Construction, Josey began work in Dallas directing carpentry crews on bridges and walls in the city’s recon- 

struction of its main I-75 highway artery. From 2001 to 2004 with Archer Western as Structures Superintendent, Josey 

managed major new ramp construction at the DFW airport and new light-railway tracks and stations for Dallas Area 

Rapid Transit. Next was structures and bridges for the George Bush freeway during his term as Structures Superinten- 

dent with J.D. Abrams Construction Company.  As Project Manager and Superintendent for Metric Concrete Services 

through 2006-2007 Josey directed roadway projects for the City of Plano. During 2006, Josey initiated the start of his 

own Josey Construction firm to facilitate his return to residential building and remodeling.